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This TV show welcomes all!

Hello friends! I'm inviting you tune in this weekend to Great Day TV with Patty Spitler (that's me!) . Watch it Sundays at 10:30am on WISH-TV Channel 8!

Great Day TV offers the perfect package of entertainment, information and education. You'll love all of the important topics and interesting stories. Plus, wonderful up close and personal profiles of interesting and intriguing people.

We're building on our success of Boomer TV. Now it's time to expand our audience. In short, Great Day TV welcomes all! So, let's get right to the preview of this weekend's show:

Americans have always had a love affair with cars. Our Tina Cosby takes us to a vintage

car extravaganza where people come and show off their amazing autos! These classic cars are in mint condition and their owners are experts are describing their passion for this hobby that can be not only time consuming, but costly, too.

How about a succulent jumbo shrimp wrapped in cured bacon for an appetizer? And sweet glazed pan-seared giant scallops nestled in warm cheesy grits? Get ready to enjoy a couple of easy and mouthwatering recipes as I venture into the kitchen of Andrew Caplinger, owner of Caplinger's Fresh Catch and Seafood Market. You'll “reel in” this tasty segment!!

Holidays are here, and that means celebrating with friends and family. Our wine expert says cheers as we highlight some holiday spirits. And we also check out my new favorite champagne. It's bubble time with Jim Gooley and The Wine Shop. (Ohhh, and we sneak a peek at some creative cheeses, too . . . yum!)

Are you perhaps looking for a better or more rewarding job? Paul Poteet is talking to Unique Home Solutions as they are ready to take on some new employees. Perhaps you have the job skills and talents to become a premiere home improvement expert! We’ll tell you where clients can go to ask questions about the change.

He was just doing what he thought was the right thing. Meet Dennis Packee, a man who was storing motorcycles for veterans in his business when word of his generosity hit the Internet. All of a sudden, he goes viral! We'll tell you his heartwarming story about doing a good deed, and finding out about the power of the Internet!

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