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Get into the spirit!

Let there be light! If the holidays give you the BAH-HUMBUGS, we have just the thing to put you in a happier frame of mind. Our own Weekend Gardener, Shannon Cagle, gives us a glimpse of the new and utterly enchanting display at Newfields, the home of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It's guaranteed to have you saying "Happy Winterlights!"

When you think about a retail center, a hospital doesn’t necessarily come to mind . . . unless you live in Brownsburg, Ind. That’s where Hendricks Regional Health is looking to change some of that with a new hospital that’s in a class all its own. Tina Cosby shows us some remarkable offerings with a “healthy” dose of state-of-the-art improvements!


It's been said that art imitates life. It appears that art also can improve life! Patty talks to a graphic artist turned author who explains how the process of employing art in our lives can help our mental outlook. You'll also see and understand how a prominent mural on the side of a business has ties to this helpful process!

Want to try a new job? Steve Faber says “just do it.” You'll meet a man who changed jobs at a time in his life when some people might be considering retirement. Steve says doing what you love is the key to staying happy and healthy! For life!

Do you love Facebook? Seems your parents and grandparents think it's pretty cool, too. Come along with us as we trek over to American Senior Communities and check in with some folks who find that technology and social media suit them just fine! Hit “like” on this one . . .

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