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Healthy dishes, Chardonnay secrets & travel tips!

Have you ever traveled to another part of the world? A grand adventure can be hindered by language barriers and fear of the unknown. But Steve Sweitzer shows off some international apps that can make global travel more fun, and safer, too! Tune in to his Tech Talk from France . . . oooo la la and bonjour!

It's the time of the year again to worry about the sun. Yes, those rays can be dangerous as we learn more and more about skin cancer and other sun-related afflictions. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bill Beeson shares some knowledge of the way sunscreens work, how they work, and how often they should be applied. Don't burn, baby!

Let's get cooking at American Senior Communities with our Eunice Trotter who shows us a fresh, delicious dish of seared salmon, seasoned just so! Plus some healthy side dishes to complete this succulent seafood. Pass the fork!

Mad Max rides again as road warriors gather for a wild and crazy party on the streets. Joy Hernandez talks to some of the Indy enthusiasts who dress up and carry on, just as Mel Gibson would have done! Buckle up for this one!!!!

A toast to you and yours with the ever popular Chardonnay. Jim Gooley, our wine expert from Vine and Table, shares his copious knowledge of this enduring white wine and how it has managed to hold on to top ranking among wine enthusiasts. Full bodied, yet pleasant and appealing . . . that's our Patty (and the Chardonnay

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