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It's a retro weekend on Great Day TV!

He was witty and clever and, more often than not, a bit sarcastic

. . . and he was beloved. Remember Mark Patrick on Sports on WISH TV? We'll find out what this bad boy of the airwaves is up to now and remember some of his outrageous antics, too.

The Vietnam War left many scars, both emotionally and physically, on service personnel who fought in that conflict. Eunice Trotter visits with a couple of veterans who remember those days while finding hope in the services available at American Senior Communities.

He's BACK!!!' Hold on . . . do you believe it's been 30 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his impressive comic muscles in the movie “Twins”? Patty shares her sit-down interview with this bodybuilder/actor from 1988. WOW!

The Vogue has been host to hundreds of musical acts, but do you know the history of this iconic venue? Steve Sweitzer has a trip down memory lane and some long forgotten facts surrounding this Broad Ripple establishment.

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