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Heartland Film Festival debuts a TV special!

The prestigious Heartland International Film Festival is going into its 27th year with an impressive lineup of well-crafted films – and its own TV special!

“Ticket to Heartland,” showcases this year’s festival highlights, at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 7, on WISH TV Channel 8. The co-hosts will be Spitler and Craig Prater, the president of Heartland Film in Indianapolis.

Included will be Spitler’s picks for must-see films, a look at how more women are entering the film industry and a rundown of special events during the festival’s 11-day run Oct. 11-21.

“What an amazing journey the Heartland Film Festival has been on, and now I am

honored to be co-hosting its first prime time special,” says Spitler. “The man with the HUGE personality, Heartland's President Craig Prater, is an excellent guide to point out many of the best films and features. He has extensive film knowledge and a wicked sense of humor. I’d share my popcorn with him any day!”

Indy Audio-Visual Productions will produce the special. Indy AVP also produces “Great Day TV with Patty Spitler,” an independent weekly show airing Sundays on WISH-TV. Viewers can also enjoy extended Heartland coverage during "Great Day TV."

Heartland Film, founded in 1991, is a nonprofit arts organization that supports purposeful filmmaking and honors a wide variety of cinema from around the world. Selected films are chosen for their ability to inspire, uplift, educate and inform, as well as entertain. Several of this year’s films, including the Indy Shorts International Film Festival, will qualify for Hollywood’s Academy Awards. Heartland also honors select theatrically released films with the Truly Moving Picture Award.

“It has been evident to me that, since my arrival at Heartland two years ago, the work that had been done the first 25 years was extraordinary,” says Prater. “Kudos to the staff and board for laying the groundwork. What was missing was informing the public. WISH TV and Patty Spitler have helped make that happen. Our upcoming TV special could not be better in helping us accomplish that message. Thank you Patty and ‘Great Day TV’!"

“Ticket to Heartland” will give you the inside scoop to The Heartland International Film Festival’s movies and exhibits, which will be shown in multiple venues around Indianapolis. “This inaugural televised special is the best way to get up close and personal as you prepare for this fantastic festival,” says Spitler.

For a list of films, venues and other information about the festival, visit

VIDEO: Here's a sneak peek at one of the films you'll see:

For more information on the TV special, contact Jason Heath, Executive Producer at Indy Audio-Visual Productions at 317-847-5139 or

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