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Clam chowder served up at home!

What’s hot in the kitchen of Caplinger’s Fresh Catch? Clam chowder! And now you can make it at home. Here’s how:

Caplinger’s Clam chowder

1 quart whole milk

1 quart heavy cream

1 quart clam juice

1 pound chopped clams

1 can whole sea clams

1 can diced potatoes

1/2 cup diced celery

1/2 cup diced onion

4 tablespoons butter (salted)

2 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning

2 tablespoons ham base

1 cup flour (Reserve 1 cup of milk and thoroughly mix with the flour to make your slurry)

Salt and pepper to taste.

Melt butter in large sauce pan. Add onions and celery. Sweat the onions and celery and then add all the seasonings. Stir for one minute then add clam juice, potatoes, milk and heavy cream. Reduce heat to medium and bring to a simmer. Then add clams and whisk in the slurry. Bring back to a simmer stirring constantly, then remove from heat and serve.

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