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Six tips to create an eye-catching front porch

The words of country artist Tracy Lawrence, "If the world had a front porch like we did back then," take me back to my grandmother's front porch, the gathering place after a big Sunday dinner. As the swing swayed back and forth, so did the stories of the old days. There may have been a little gossiping exchanged, too.

My mom's front porch seems to be the popular spot in her neighborhood. The younger neighbors drop by for Miss Marilyn’s homemade sweets. The older neighbors gravitate to the porch for fresh brewed iced tea. The tea always tastes better in an assortment of vintage glasses. I remember sitting on my grandmother's front porch sipping lemonade out of colorful metal glasses. My cousin and I always fought over the hot pink glass.

Just like we make first impressions, your front porch can also make a statement about your home. Here are a few tips that can make your front porch the showcase of your home.

  • Start with an inspiration piece for the season. I usually start with a wreath on the front door. I use colors from the wreath and then accessorize the porch.

  • If you have room, add a sitting place. I have a small porch but I am still able to offset a metal bench there.

  • I love dressing up the bench with pillows and a throw.

  • A rug can tie everything together.

  • My favorite accessory is a small lamp. It just makes the home look warm and inviting.

  • Don’t forget the flowers or greens depending on the season. In the spring I use large ferns on each side of the door. They hold up all summer and most of fall. I keep pots filled with colorful flowers at the front of the porch. My clay pots are usually spilling over with pansies in the spring. My color scheme usually determines the color scheme for summer. I don’t always stick with mums in the fall as cabbage plants usually hold up better. Christmas is the perfect time to gather cedar from the farm.

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