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Send cards and letters to military hero Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton's daughter, Brenda says he recently fractured his back in 2 places and is in a some pain.  If you recall, Jack is America's oldest living Sentinel at over 100 years old who guarded the Tomb of the Unknown from 1938 - 1940 and was honored in October with his plaque on the wall of Honor at Arlington National Cemetery.

Due to the virus and being in one of the hardest hit states, very active Jack is quarantined in his place and started to get quite depressed. We are getting the word out and try and get some people to send out some cards just to send support, to say hello and just let him know he's not been forgotten.  Just something to brighten his day until this all subsides.

So if you would like to send a note or card just letting him know he's not been forgotten, I know he would be very appreciative to say the least.

His mailing address is as follows:

Jack Eaton

2173 S. Center Road  Apt 407

Burton, Michigan  48519

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