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It's Valentine's Day and you're single. Oh, what to do!

If you're like me -- single on Valentine's Day -- and you're sick of all the sappy hearts, Cupids and sentiments floating around that are made for couples, there are a few things you can do to make the day memorable for yourself. Put out a few bucks, have some fun and celebrate loving yourself. Here's my list:

* Buy some candy hearts (you know, the ones that taste like chalk) and eat them without reading the silly sayings on them. Throw in some Godiva chocolates and voila! Sugar nirvana.

* Plan a night out with other single friends. (And, I have to say it, follow Covid precautions.)

* Plan a night in with friends to play games or watch a movie (not a romantic one!) Order exceptional food. You can't go wrong with exceptional food.

* Treat yourself to a spa day. Yeah, it can be pricey, but this is for YOU and you are priceless.

* Volunteer somewhere. And not just on Valentine's Day.

* Visit an animal shelter and take home a new furry friend. Or two.

* Try out a new restaurant or support one that is struggling during Covidity.

* Check out a local museum -- there are several in Indy, including The Children's Museum, The Eiteljorg, the State Museum, the Indiana History Center, the NCAA Hall of Champions and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

* Buy yourself something you've always wanted. OK, maybe not a Mercedes or a trip to Aruba, but something within your immediate budget.

* If you don't mind the cold and all of your body parts work, go ice skating. Check out the State Fairgrounds rink or Perry Park.

* Or, you can throw an anti-Valentine's Day party. Invite all your single friends and celebrate life as a free bird!

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