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Making Valentine's Day special


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I was cleaning out some of my grandmother’s boxes the other day. The musty smell did not deter me from finding special treasures. Tucked between some of the tattered and torn pages were beautiful Valentine cards. These were not the flimsy, cheap ones we buy today; these had special meaning. They clearly had withstood the test of time, remaining vibrant and so detailed. These were my Dad’s class Valentines from the 1940s. My favorite was a boy in an airplane with a heart on the side.

These were just too beautiful to pack away and they became the inspiration for my next project. I bought some burlap and some red velvet and glued the Valentines to the material, then placed them in black and gold frames. They were the perfect accessory for my Valentine place settings.

I remember how I loved to sit down and write out each little card to my classmates. Class parties have become a thing of the past but what kid doesn’t love getting a treat? I found a cute and inexpensive way to put together some treats. I bought little bottles of bubbles at the dollar store and put one bottle along with Hershey’s Kisses in a small treat bag. I printed out labels with the expression “Blowing Kisses Your Way.”

Hot Chocolate Bombs are the latest trend and make a special treat to give. Steamed milk poured over the bomb held a special surprise waiting to explode. A printed label saying “You’re the Bomb” either lets that special someone know you love them, or you know they are a chocoholic.

I hope Valentine Day 2021 is extra special for you. Be kind!

Hugs and Kisses! – Mimi

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