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Oldest U.S. citizen turns 114!

Alelia Murphy has lived in Harlem, N.Y., most of her life and worked as a seamstress. (Photo by PIXII)

On July 6, Alelia Murphy celebrated her birthday – her 114th! Murphy, who lives in Harlem, N.Y., is the oldest living person in the United States.

To kick off her birthday weekend, officials in Harlem threw Murphy a neighborhood birthday party to mark the incredible milestone, according to CNN . From here on out, the Harlem community will recognize July 6 as “Alelia Murphy Appreciation Day.” State Sen. Brian Benjamin presented Murphy with a framed poster and a copy of the declaration.

After she was widowed in 1953, Murphy supported her two children as a seamstress.

Her daughter considers her mother her best friend. “I’m so proud of her and so glad to have her as long as I have,” Rose Green, Murphy’s daughter, told CNN.

When asked about the secret to her long life, Murphy said, “Trust in God and be a good person.”

Her age was verified by the Gerontology Research Group. She is younger than the oldest person in the world, Kane Tanaka from Japan, by two years and 185 days.

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