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Patty's in the Top 3! Watch virtual announcement of winners!

Patty sends her thanks to everyone who voted for her in IndyStar's Best of Indy poll, where she was nominated for Best TV Personality! She just got word that she is in the Top 3 (out of 5)! First, second and third-place winners will be announced at a virtual event Oct. 29.

A link to the event will be posted soon.

Below is her reaction when she first found out about the nomination in August:

It's not often I'm speechless, but I am today.

I've been nominated in The Indianapolis Star's Indy’s Best Things competition as Best TV Personality!

I humbly ask you to please consider voting for me. Why? 'Cause it makes me feel good? OK, yeah, so there's that selfish aspect . . . but more importantly, this honor lets our clients and sponsors who support us know that the shows are seen and appreciated by many viewers.

I love volunteering for all I do now.

I love helping critters find the best homes and educating all of us about conservation. 

I love revealing good news stories that keep us connected to the world in a positive way.

Help Pet Pals TV and Great Day TV continue to grow. Please vote for me and I'll buy you a BRAND NEW CAR! (OK, OK . . . so I'm no Oprah, but I got your attention, huh?)

Thanks for watching our uplifting TV shows! -- Patty

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