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Prince Albert II of Monaco wins zoo's prestigious Indianapolis Prize

Prince Albert II has a passion for wildlife conservation.

The Indianapolis Zoo has announced the winner of the 2021 Indianapolis Prize. The reigning Monarch of Monaco, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, has received the Jane Alexander Global Wildlife Ambassador Award. According to a press release from The Indianapolis Zoo, Prince Albert II is an ocean conservationist, a philanthropist for protection of human rights and a five-time Olympian. In 2006, His Serene Highness proved his passion for wildlife conservation by establishing the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to address the planet’s alarming environmental situation. The foundation directly raises funds and initiates action for ecological sustainability, establishes partnerships and carries out projects that limit the effects of climate change. The foundation makes water a priority, safeguarding the biodiversity and resources of the Mediterranean basin, the polar regions and least developed countries. In 2019, the Principality of Monaco supported the conservation efforts of the 2021 Indianapolis Prize winner and seahorse champion Dr. Amanda Vincent. “Prince Albert II is an inspirational leader at the forefront of protecting the health of earth's lands and waters, the variety of its plants and animals, and the development of renewable energies,” said Jane Alexander. “It is a great honor to welcome him as the recipient of the Global Wildlife Ambassador Award for 2021." HSH Prince Albert II helped reinforce protection measures for the Mediterranean bluefin tuna as an endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). In addition to attending the World Conservation Congress, his role as chair of the 25th Mediterranean Science Commission brings together countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and engages in international scientific research. His Serene Highness has carried on his family’s tradition in conservation through his efforts to preserve oceans, coral reefs and sea life. “I am extremely honored to be receiving such an important award, a truly significant one in the field of animal conservation. Please allow me to take this award as an additional encouragement to pursue my action and to stick to my convictions. It will help me keep on my commitments and my contributions to the preservation of the oceans, the conservation of coral reefs and marine protected areas, and strive to protect endangered marine species.” This year’s award is a new original piece of art created by Beijing-based artist Zheng Lu. His gravity-defying sculptural work focuses on the universal images found in nature and the elements. The stainless-steel artwork follows his “Water in Dripping” series, emphasizing the significance of water as an important resource for all living organisms. The movement of water is a momentary capture of historical space and time, just like the establishment of the award to honor the field of animal protection. The shape of the award signifies water, while evolving like the DNA helix curve, two core elements of life. Jane Alexander, whose advocacy for wild things and wild places has included involvement with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Audubon Society and Panthera, is Honorary Chair of the Indianapolis Prize and received the inaugural Global Wildlife Ambassador award in 2012.

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