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See the kangaroos up close at IndyZoo!

Patty meet ROOfio and Plains Keeper Kyle Scherer.

It's official! The 'roos are here!

The Indianapolis Zoo opened the popular Kangaroo Crossing exhibit in June, showcasing several red kangaroos hopping around to entertain visitors.

And you don't have to observe them from afar -- these marsupials can be experienced up close! Yes, you can walk into a large open area without fencing or other barriers to meet the kangaroos.

To see this all-new exhibit, just make your way to Café on the Commons. There, you’ll observe kangaroos roaming freely in their dedicated space as stunning Australian species like cockatoos fly overhead.

The Zoo's red kangaroos are abundant in Australia and not at current risk of population decline. However, they experience physiological and reproductive stress during drought. As climate change brings more drought to parts of Australia, scientists are watching its impacts on kangaroo species.

For more info, visit It's located at 1200 W. Washington St. in Indianapolis 46222.

Photo: The Indianapolis Zoo


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