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Send Patty Get Well wishes!

Patty Spitler is home from the hospital after undergoing cochlear implant surgery. After some healing, the implant will be activated on December 6. Until then, she will use her hearing aid in her right ear. Special thanks to Dr. Vincent Ostrowski for the amazing work is he doing.

Patty has been battling hearing loss since being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease in 1987. Patty retired from her news anchoring duties in 2004 due to hearing loss.

She now keeps busy as host of Great Day TV and Pet Pals TV. With the prospect of

improved hearing, there will be no stopping her!

Reporter Tina Cosby recently spoke with Dr. Ostrowski with a detailed look at Patty's procedure. Watch the video below:

Leave a get-well comment for Patty in the comment box below. You can also visit Patty's Facebook page and leave her a message.

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