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Set a pretty table for Thanksgiving!

A family friend was getting ready to put these vintage dishes in a garage sale. I said, “Wait just a minute!” In my eyes they were perfect for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

The fruit, the purple and the orange got my creative juices flowing. I anchored my table with a gold tablecloth for a little traditional feel. Bring on the color! I love the bright purple (eggplant) and orange flowers. I wanted the plates with fruit to be the center of attention. I used simple gold trimmed plates to showcase the bright plates.

Don’t feel like you always have to use cloth napkins; there are some pretty paper napkins out there. For appetizers, I usually find something that ties in with the theme. Keep in mind these plates are probably well over 70 years old. Take a look at how perfect the napkins match. Horton's Home & Garden in Tipton, Indiana is the perfect place to find napkins for all seasons. Address: 112 S. Main St., Tipton, IN 46072

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