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Turning the page to the next chapter

Mimi Pearce is Great Day TV's Designing Woman!

After 34 years of getting up before the crack of dawn, I’m closing the chapter on that part of my life and starting anew.

I graduated from college on a Sunday and started work at WFMS radio in Indianapolis the next day as a traffic reporter. I was there for 34 years until Covid-19 reared its ugly head and cuts had to be made at the radio station. Nineteen of those years were spent as the traffic anchor for the NBC-TV affiliate in Indianapolis.

Turn the page and it’s now time for the next chapter. I grew up with a grandmother who was a Martha Stewart of her time. She had beautiful vegetable gardens and rose bushes galore. Store-bought eggs didn’t even compare to the light brown eggs with the golden yolks that her chickens laid. She could bake, and I mean blue ribbon fair delights. She lived on the farm alone and it seemed like there was no task she couldn't handle.

After all those years in the media, and inspiration from my grandmother. it is time to turn my attention to the things I love to do. I’ve always had a knack for putting things together. I love entertaining and nothing makes guests smile more than a beautifully set table. My love for flowers surely comes from my grandmother -- there wasn’t a time that she didn’t have flower arrangements in her home. The smell of a fresh baked dessert waffling through the house always does the heart good.

On Great Day TV, I’ll show you how to put together beautiful tablescapes. I’ll do some outdoor decorating. I’ll throw in some yummy recipes most likely from my grandmother's recipe box. And I'm a bargain shopper, so I'll pass along tips!

Welcome to Mimi Pearce Designs!

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