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TV host shares a personal story in new children's book

In January 2019, Amber Hankins made a New Year’s resolution to write a children’s book. Two years later, it’s here!

You’ll recognize Amber from WISH-TV’s weekday IndyStyle show, where she has served as host and co-host for the last six years.

Her book is Curly Q’s, Curly Q’s, Go Away from Kids at Heart Publishing. It’s based on her daughter Avery’s dislike for her naturally curly hair.

“My daughter would tell me she wanted me to straighten her hair because her friends have straight hair,” says Amber. “I used to tell her a bedtime story about a girl with curly hair and how to see the beauty in it. I thought, ‘This could be my book!’ so I put my pen to paper.”

The book uses 8-year-old Avery’s real name and the character illustrations look like her and Amber. It’s about a girl who makes a wish at bedtime that she would wake up with straight hair, but her plans go awry.

“If you wish for something that someone else has, so often that person could be wishing for what you have,” says Amber. “Even parents reading the book learn to embrace what you’ve been given.”

Recently, Amber did a Podcast with Patty Spitler, host of Pet Pals TV and Great Day TV that run Saturdays on WISH-TV. To find out more about the book, listen in!

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