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Virtual exhibit brings dinos to life at Children's Museum

Your kids love dinosaurs, And come on, admit it, so do you! And what better place to enjoy a huge dino exhibit than the Children's Museum of Indianapolis?

Unfortunately, the museum's Dinosphere is closed through March 2022 to prepare for an all-new Jurrasic Mile exhibit, a $27.5 million project to support a paleontological excavation of a fossil-rich plot of land in northern Wyoming.

But you can still visit the Dinosaurs A-Z exhibit virtually!

From the Alamosaurus to the Zuul, you can explore 26 unique dinosaurs with the museum's virtual series, Dinosaurs A-Z. As the title A-Z suggests, a different dinosaur is featured every other week by Dr. Victoria Egerton, Eli Lily and Company Scientist-in-Residence at the museum. Dr. Egerton leads the virtual expedition and serves as the guide to the land before time.

Each dinosaur has its own accompanying educational video, which is hosted by the paleontologist along with a printable infographic and paleo art sheet for children and families to extend the education and “bring the dinos to life!”

Check out Dinosaurs A-Z here:

Dinosaurs A-Z is presented by Corteva Agriscience. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is located at 3000 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 46208.

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