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Now through Aug. 30, you can vote for Joy EVERY DAY! Click here:

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Joy Hernandez is a videographer and editor at WISH-TV and shows her art at Circle Nine Gallery.

One of our own team members at Great Day TV has been nominated for The Indianapolis Star’s Best Things of Indy, an awards competition being conducted online now through Aug. 30.

Joy Hernandez is a video photographer and editor at WISH-TV. She also is a photographer and reporter for Great Day TV and our sister show, Pet Pals TV, bringing her love for art into the stories she covers. And she’s an accomplished artist herself!

Her current painting focus is around a stenciling technique with a mix of aerosol and acrylic underlay. One of her recurring characters is Bean, the astronaut.

Joy started her first gallery experience at Art & Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, Indiana. Her first solo show was at the Clowes Memorial Hall performing arts venue on the campus of Butler University, and for five years, Joy was the gallery manager at the Art Bank in Indianapolis. In 2013, Joy got an opportunity to join the Walldogs mural organization, when they picked her hometown of Kewanee, Illinois, for their annual meet.

In 2017, Joy left the Art Bank to found the Full Circle Nine Gallery, in the Circle City Industrial Complex near downtown Indianapolis, with several artist friends. She regularly shows her work at FC9 and considers it her gallery home. “I’m so honored to even be considered for this award,” says Joy. “In this last year, Bean the Astronaut has landed in Indy and has been so well received. I really enjoy painting the character and building up the world Bean lives in. It’s like playing make-believe with paint.”

She is nominated for Best Local Visual Artist along with H. Ward Miles, Jamie Locke, Kipp Norman and Travis Owens.

“I’m in some good company here. The names on this list are great artists,” she says.

For more about Joy, visit To vote for Joy and her gallery, see the note above her photo.

"Happy Go Lucky" Bean -- Joy Hernandez's signature astronaut character.

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