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What's new for weddings?

Most young girls grow up dreaming of finding Prince Charming and have a vision of a fairytale wedding. 2020 changed the wedding scene in many ways. Brides had to press pause on their plans. Some weddings had to be canceled, others had to be postponed to 2021. There are certain months that are typically considered months to tie the knot, but now all months are open season.

Brides are opting for a one-stop wedding venue. Church weddings aren’t as popular as they once were. Wedding venues with barns are still getting the attention of brides-to-be. In many cases, the bride and groom have an outdoor ceremony (and pray for no rain) After the "I Do's" have been said it’s off to the celebration.

Flowers and fashion still play an integral part in the big day. Brides are always looking for that showstopper gown. In 2020 brides were opting for color palettes of beige, light blue and blush pink. This year, brides are thirsting for bright and happy. Fuchsia, yellow, teal. These colors are bolder and non-traditional.

Signature cocktails and appetizers wow guests in 2021. The bride and groom choose their favorite cocktail and those two drinks are served to their guests before the reception. Individual charcuterie jars with meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers are the way to go if the bride wants to follow pandemic protocol.

Food stations and even food trucks are popular in 2021. Guests can be served from food stations that can be anything from tacos to prime rib. Food trucks also put a new twist on wedding receptions.

Don’t forget the cake. This year, brides are choosing more simple designs but a touch of metallic or just a few flowers on the cake can make a big statement. Considering 2020, guests may be served their own little cakes. French macarons are still very popular.

An event planner or wedding coordinator can take the stress out of wedding pre-planning or wedding day chaos. The main goal is to make sure the day is one to remember and the couple lives happily ever after.

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