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If you lose your $400 (or whatever the amount of your daily budget) early in the day, do something else. The free activities in and around casino towns can be pretty entertaining. Discover the mountain trails of Lake Tahoe, stroll the board- walk in Atlantic City, or just hang out at the hotel and enjoy the swimming pool or workout room

A big mistake many people make is getting so engrossed in gambling that they miss out on the attractions of a beautiful resort. Sizing up your bets After splitting your bankroll into daily increments, the next step to budget your gambling is bet sizing, or breaking down your budgeted bankroll into the amount you allocate for each bet.

A general rule (for most table games) is to have a bankroll with at least 40 times the maximum bet you plan to make. So if you decide to ration your trip bankroll into daily allotments of $400, your betting units are $10 per hand. Proper pro- portional betting reduces your risk of tapping out (going home flat broke). Keeping your bets consistent Unless you’re a professional card counter or an expert sports handicapper, you don’t benefit from changing the amount of your bets. The simplest and safest strategy in most casino games is to bet the same amount each time.

For slots and video poker, that may mean playing the max number of coins or credits each time, if you are playing a progressive machine (see Chapters 12 and 13). Most players change the amount they bet on each play — typically increasing the bet size — because of two circumstances: I They’ve been losing, so now they’re desperately attempting to regain that money. Consequently, they steam, or increase the size of their bets. I They’ve been riding a hot streak and are playing on house money (funds they’ve won from the casino). Although games do run in streaks, you can’t know when those streaks begin or end. After you have the money, it’s yours. How you obtained it doesn’t matter, but you still need to be judicious about how you spend or bet the money.



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