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Caplinger's cheesy dish voted best in Indiana!

Blue crab melt is a favorite at Caplinger's Fresh Catch.

Congratulations to Caplinger’s Fresh Catch! The Indianapolis and Zionsville seafood market was just voted No. 1 for Best Cheese Dish in Indiana – the blue crab melt – by!

Caplinger's is a partner of Great Day TV.

The website lists the best dish for cheese lovers in every state in the USA.

The review states: “Some of the most original and exciting seafood cooking you’ll come across. Case in point? Their blue crab melt. It features yummy cheese, mayo, delicious bread and lots of blue crab stuffed in the middle and busting out the sides. The dips and sauces only enhance the deep rich flavors of this incredible dish.”

Check out this dish and other cheesy favorites at


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