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Local businesswoman on a mission to bring breast cancer awareness all year

Erika Fite-Fraits, the leader of FITE Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, is not just a businesswoman but also a warrior in the battle against cancer. Erika recently shared her personal connection to cancer and her inspiring journey towards raising awareness for breast cancer with Great Day TV.

Personal Connection to Breast Cancer

Erika's passion for spreading awareness about breast cancer stems from a deeply personal experience - the loss of her mother to metastatic breast cancer. She revealed that her mother had a gene predisposing her to the disease, which led Erika and her brothers to discover that they also carry the gene. This revelation added a profound sense of urgency to Erika's mission, knowing that she and her siblings may face similar challenges in the future.

To proactively address the risk, Erika underwent a double mastectomy as a preventive measure. Despite the gravity of the decision, Erika expressed no regrets, saying, "I have little kids, and I look at them, I want to be here as long as possible to be able to take care of them and be there for them."

Launching a Year-Long Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Motivated by her personal experience, Erika has launched a year-long campaign for breast cancer awareness at Fite Plumbing. Despite working in a predominantly male-driven industry, Erica's employees rallied around the cause with enthusiasm and support. The team at FITE has embraced the campaign, showing solidarity by participating in events, wearing pink attire, and involving their families in the initiative.

Erika says, "If I can help one person just really be proactive and to take those steps to either catch it early or learn about your family history and be able to get that genetic testing done, that would really be so wonderful."

Making Cancer Awareness Fun

Despite the seriousness of the cause, Erika has found creative ways to engage and uplift those around her. By incorporating fun elements like pink-themed attire, pink donut days and door prizes at events, Erika has infused positivity into the fight against cancer. Her approach not only raises awareness but also fostered a sense of community and support among her team and beyond.

When asked what she hopes this year-long campaign will accomplish, Erika said, "I just don't want people to be suffering alone and at a loss for these questions, don't know who to talk to. So if there's any way that, throughout this process, I can build these relationships and also to be able to guide people, that would be really great."

Fite's next Lunch and Learn event is open to the public July 22. The event will include lunch, door prizes, and educational sessions.

For more updates and information on Fite's breast cancer awareness campaign, follow Fite Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling on social media.

Watch the full interview HERE!


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