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Meet the Zoo's new dolphin baby - Maui!

Will it be August, Leo or Maui? Voting is open through Oct. 9.

The Indianapolis Zoo invited the public to participate in a Facebook poll to help choose a name for its newest addition, a male Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

The fans’ choice was clear, and the Indianapolis Zoo is excited to announce its male Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf’s name is Maui!

Receiving about 52% of the vote in our recently concluded public poll, Maui is the name of a demigod from Polynesian mythology and a character who was made popular by the 2016 Disney Pixar film “Moana.”

Mom Kalei and her baby remain behind the scenes and there will be no public viewing at this time.

On Aug. 27, 18-year-old dolphin Kalei gave birth to her second calf. Kalei is a relaxed and attentive mother. The Zoo’s Marine Mammal staff has been monitoring mom and baby around the clock since the birth, and vet staff continue important daily medical checks. Though it will be a while before the public can see mother and calf, guests can still visit the underwater viewing dome in the St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion to see the rest of the pod, which also includes Nova, matriarch of the pod and grandmother of the new calf.


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