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Road trip! Visit Indiana lists unique places to see

Where can you go in Indiana to get a truly unique experience? There are many attractions across the state that offer something different. Visit Indiana lists many of them on their website (link below). Here are a few highlights:

Grant County native Jim Davis is the creator of Garfield the Cat. The world’s favorite fat cat calls it home with more than a dozen statues celebrating the famous feline. The trail features Garfield in fun outfits and poses, all great for family photo ops and memories. Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery, Ligonier

Sure, you may wear a fragrance daily, but have you ever created your own? You can do just that at Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery. Take a sensory tour and experience the enchantment of the only perfumery in the U.S.A. Established in 1980, the shop welcomes visitors from around the country, all drawn by their sense of smell!

The Rotary Jail Museum in Crawfordsville features a two-story, thirty-ton rotary mechanism that housed sixteen wedge-shaped jail cells. A hub spun the mechanism beneath the cells. This way, only one cell could be accessed from the opening. It is one of 18 rotary jails ever built, but the only one still operational.

Rotary jails became mostly defunct after a bevy of injuries, but the Rotary Jail Museum is still rotated regularly for tours. Admission to the museum is required; tours are complimentary and given upon staff availability. Historic Hoosier Gym, Knightstown

It isn’t Indiana without basketball. "Hoosiers," a movie loosely based on the 1954 Milan High School basketball team that shocked everyone on their quest for a state title, was partially filmed at the Historic Hoosier Gym in Knightstown. The gym was the home court of the Hickory Huskers in the movie.

It looks just like it did in 1985 and happily welcomes basketball lovers to this day. Take a granny shot to commemorate Ollie’s role, walk through the locker room where Coach Norman Dale demanded his players pass the ball four times before a shot, or sit in the stands and enjoy the experience.

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