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What? You don't have Patty's book yet???

Patty signs all of the books ordered from the website!

We all know Patty Spitler is a fierce advocate for animal welfare and also brings positive, heartwarming stories each week to Great Day TV.

But did you know that she grew up in Dayton, Ohio, was teased for her weight as a child, became a talented thespian in high school and was a radio DJ in college? Or that she interviewed hundreds of celebrities during her 23 years at WISH-TV, and that a drunk driving arrest led to an increase in her popularity? Yep, it's true!

It's all in her autobiography, "The Dog Who Saved My Life," and it's available through this website at the reduced price of $18, which includes shipping. And she signs every book!

Patty has lived a life of triumph and tragedy -- she had to give up her TV career due to hearing loss -- and it's all here in the book. It includes 68 photos, mostly in color.

You'll love her stories about her pets through the years and be amazed by all her celebrity interviews, including her comments about some of them. You'll also find out how she got her role as host, producer, reporter and other duties on Great Day TV.

Here's a testimonial from Twila Snyder of The Four Legged Ranch:

"Patty's book is absolutely amazing! During my read I can honestly say I felt every emotion one can experience. I experienced laughter, tears, giggles, chills, calmness, sadness, peace, inspiration, intrigue, adoration . . . and a beautiful and unbreakable explanation of unconditional love. I am deeply touched by Patty's honestly, passion and  sincerity. And my cat Harlow PAWSitively agrees!"

(The Four Legged Ranch rescues dogs who have been surrenderd due to unfortunatelt circumstances and gves them a second chance at life.

If you want to know more about Patty's life, this is the book for you. It also makes a great gift!

To order, go to the home page of this website and click on Patty's Book. 


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