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To order Patty's book on PayPal click Add to Cart or send a check or money order made out to Rita Rose and mail to her at 5707 Brockton Dr. #316, Indianapolis, IN 46220

You all know Patty Spitler as a former WISH-TV anchor and entertainment reporter, and currently as the host of Pet Pals TV and Great Day TV. But do you want to know more about the funny, compassionate woman whose love for animals has sustained her throughout her life?

The Dog Who Saved My Life is Patty’s compelling look at growing up in Dayton, Ohio, getting radio DJ jobs as a teenager, becoming a TV personality in Indianapolis and how she had to give up her life’s passion – work – because of hearing loss. How a dog named Louie helped her bounce back from depression and put her back on the TV screen is her inspirational, candid, and often humorous story.

The idea for this book came about a couple of years ago when Patty would post photos of herself with celebrities or tell interesting career stories on Facebook. People would comment, “You should write a book!”

Patty and her personal assistant, Rita Rose, spent several months doing interviews and sorting through hundreds of photos that Patty kept in boxes in her basement. You will see 68 photos of Patty’s life from childhood to the present, several with celebrities and many in color. 


Her love for animals is a theme that runs throughout the book. Some of the proceeds will be donated to local animal rescues. Patty is not taking any money from the sale of this book!

Patty Spitler: "The Dog Who Saved My Life"

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