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Hall of fame honors for Great Day TV host Patty Spitler!

It’s always a Great Day when Patty Spitler gets an award! On Nov. 1, Patty was inducted into the Richard M. Fairbanks Indiana Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame, the most prestigious broadcasting honor you can receive in the Hoosier state! Hundreds of people associated with radio and TV, along with families and friends, were there to cheer Patty and three other inductees.

“Life is full of joys and sorrows,” says Patty. “We all trudge through this world, and if we're lucky, we find something we can do . . . something we love . . . something that helps others. I am connected to broadcast media. It's my heart, and I am honored and humbled to be recognized for doing what I love! And I’m not done yet!”


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