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Baby macaques thriving at IndyZoo!

Baby Emmie with her mother. (Indianapolis Zoo photo)

Cody Mattox, Public Relations Specialist at The Indianapolis Zoo, send this update on the macaque babies born in May: We have an exciting update to our long-tailed macaque exhibit at The Indianapolis Zoo. We are thrilled to introduce our four new female macaque babies: Mae, Gemma, Bea and Emerald, or Emmie for short. The babies were born in May, just weeks apart from each other. Our animal care staff reports all four babies are having fun in their habitat jumping on trees, running around and getting to know each other. We have total of 38 long-tailed macaques that are part of the Zoo family. Long-tailed macaques are a unique monkey species that spends time in the water cooling off, playing or escaping predators. Unlike other macaques in the wild, long-tailed macaques are the only ones that swim throughout their entire life. Native to Southeast Asia, the macaque lives side by side with humans in an urban setting and are at times seen as pests. Like all animals at the Indianapolis Zoo, the macaques are ambassadors for their species, sharing a conservation message about the importance of humans coexisting with animals. For more info on this species, click here:

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