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Caplinger's recipe for smoky seafood linguini

Andrew Caplinger, of Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, offers this recipe for grilling:

12 oz lemon pepper linguini (Nikole Taylor's Pasta) 1 pint marinara sauce 12 oz canned cherry tomatoes 1 pack small portobello mushrooms, cut in half 4 each small tomatoes, cut in half Olive oil ½ pound scallops ½ pound lobster meat ½ pound or 16-20 domestic shrimp Parmesan cheese

Add hickory chunks/chips to your grill that is set at 250 degrees. Combine marinara sauce and cherry tomatoes in an iron skillet and place on grill with lid closed for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally. After 15 minutes, add the onions, mushrooms and seafood to the grill. Brush with olive oil. Start your pasta in boiling water. Cook till al dente and remove from heat. After an additional 15 minutes on the grill, add all ingredients to the sauce and serve over the linguini. Top with Parmesan.

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