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Now you can color Bean the Astronaut!

See Patty's interview with Joy on Great Day TV Sept. 1 and 8!

Joy Hernandez turned her paintings into a coloring book.

Great Day TV reporter/photographer Joy Hernandez-Butler is also a visual artist. She is the founder and president of Full Circle Nine Gallery in Indianapolis and has been painting scenes with her Bean the Astronaut creation on canvas, on the sides of buildings and all sorts of other surfaces for many years. Now she brings Bean to you with T-shirts you can order and a brand new coloring book that's now available.

Join the adventure in this 16-page coloring book (with two bonus pages). On each page, Bean travels the universe and just . . . does stuff. What does that universe look like? You get to decide!

Each page is printed on 70-pound paper with minimal transparency. The designs range from simple for little kids to more complex for adults. It's truly an all-ages coloring book.

Books are $5 each. To order, visit Joy The Stampede Art & Merch here:

If you wish to purchase a larger “bulk” order, please contact Joy on her website for shipping arrangements.


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