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'Downwind' - 928 full-scale nuclear weapons tests on American soil

The documentary 'Downwind' chronicles the nuclear testing that happened in Mercury, Nevada where 928 nuclear weapons were detonated between 1951 - 1992. The film features members of the Shoshone Nation and people who were affected from the radioactive fallout of those tests.

Patty interviewed Mark Shapiro - Director, Producer and Writer about this powerful documentary.

Several big-name celebrities are part of 'Downwind". It is narrated by Martin Sheen. Michael Douglas appears in the film as well. Matthew Modine is Executive Producer.

"Downwind' was featured at the 2023 Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis.

DOWNWIND is available on demand from your home TV provider, like Comcast, Verizon, Cox, and Bell. Or -- you can also stream it here: iTunes: Link Here Amazon: Link Here Amazon Home Video: DVD/BD Google Play: Link Here Microsoft Xbox: Link Here Vimeo: Link Here


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